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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book? Can I reserve a place over the phone for my child?

Bookings are normally made online and are not complete until valid payment has been received by the Centre.

My child isn’t quite the right age, can they book anyway?

Our age ranges are there for safety reasons, and to make sure all guests have the best time possible. However, we run a 3 month +/- policy, so if your child is 3 months too young, or too old, then you can contact the office to book them on. For example, if your 8 year old child wanted to come on a 9-12 year old event in April, they would need to be turning 9 by July of that year. The only exception to this is that 8 is our lowest age (except for all age events), we cannot accept 7 year olds even if they will be 8 in 3 months.

I can’t afford the fees – is there any financial assistance I could seek?

Please investigate our Bursary Fund! Because we don’t want there to be any barrier to experiencing CYE. It’s discreet, confidential and CYE may be able to pay up to 50% of the fees.  Download the form and send it to or read more about the Bursary Fund here.

Lost Property:

We keep lost property items for a maximum of 1 week before giving them to charity. In order to return them we ask you to set up an account with Evri and arrange collection by courier.

Can I drop my child off an hour or so before the course/event is due to start?

Sorry but this is not possible.  We cannot look after children outside of course hours unless under exceptional circumstances and with prior agreement. If you arrive early you can wait in the car or we can highly recommend a walk around to Cobnor Point along the coastal path – walk out of the car park and you will see a public footpath sign on your left, follow this!

When you say there will be some ‘Christian content’ what does this mean?

Christian Youth Enterprises is a Christian charitable organisation.  Everyone who works at the Centre (and board of Trustees) shares the Christian faith.  Whilst we believe that this is the foundation to what we do and why we do it, we are realistic and understanding of everyone’s beliefs and views – from Atheism through to committed Christian.  Our aim is to share what we believe with our guests in a relevant, engaging and exciting way and encourage our guests to consider and share what they believe too. 

Does my child need to bring any money, sweets or snacks?

We have a CYE shop which sells various things such as postcards, CYE teddies, pens etc. We normally recommend about £5-10 spending money for a residential stay. Please do not send your child with sweets or snacks as they will have plenty whilst they’re here!

Medical / need to know /bed wetting/allergies

For your child to have the best and safest time possible with us, it is crucial that you alert us to anything you think we need to know. There are very few things that we haven’t come across before and our staff are excellent at discreetly supporting, encouraging and keeping an eye out for whatever needs to be actioned.

My child is quite a fussy eater.  What happens if they don’t like the food?

We have an amazing catering team who produce delicious, child-friendly, fresh food.  Whilst we will always accommodate dietary requirements (vegetarian, vegan etc) we cannot accommodate individual preferences. The variety within each meal should mean that even the fussiest of eaters will be catered for.

Can they use their mobile during their stay?

We strongly advise you to leave mobile phones and other electronic equipment or valuables at home. Phones can easily be damaged or ruined by contact with water – even by damp hands!

Can my child ring home?

Unless it’s really urgent, we encourage them not to.  Very few children miss their families to the extent that they need to talk with them when on a residential.  However we would of course allow this in any situation where it was necessary.

My child cannot swim.  How will you make sure that they are safe?

Children and staff alike are only allowed near the water (from the jetty onwards) if they are wearing a properly fitted buoyancy aid.  Buoyancy aids will keep a person completely afloat until they are attended to, regardless of whether they can swim or not.  If your child has any concerns over being on the water, let us know beforehand and we will make sure that both you and they are reassured and communicated with accordingly.

Can my friend pick up my child?

Yes.  We require written confirmation from the child’s parents / guardian so that we can sign them out at the end of the day.

What if my child has an injury prior to coming to CYE and cannot participate in any activities?

If it’s a residential stay they will still benefit hugely from being away with their friends.  We will accommodate them as much as possible to ensure that they still get the full CYE experience. For example, a child with an arm in plaster might accompany one of the instructors in a Safety boat for the afternoon.

If your child is on a specific sailing or paddling course and their injury means they cannot participate, please call us to discuss the options (most likely we’ll offer for you to defer their place to another course)

Can my child share a cabin with their friend?

Probably. You will be asked on your application form if your child would like to share a cabin with anyone in particular.  In all cases we will try to accommodate all requests but ultimately cannot guarantee this.

Is there parking at CYE?

Yes but it is limited. If you are dropping off your child, we would ask that you do this as quickly as possible.  The car park is shared with Cobnor Activity Centre and can get very congested at pick up and drop off times.

Are your staff DBS checked?

Yes, all staff and volunteers are DBS checked. If you would like to discuss anything to do with our Child Protection Policy, please contact the office.

What happens if my child is ill and unable to come to CYE?

We strongly advise you to take out travel insurance when you book a course at CYE. It may be possible in exceptional circumstances to refund your payment. Our refunds policy is set out fully in our Terms and Conditions.

What happens if my child gets ill while they are with you?

All of our staff hold up-to-date First Aid qualifications and are competent at dealing with minor emergencies. If it is deemed necessary to seek professional help then a child can be taken to either Southbourne Surgery or St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester.

Why do you charge fees for activities and why have they increased?

CYE is a not-for-profit charity. While we receive financial donations from generous supporters, as well as though grants from trusts, we are unable to cover the cost of running CYE using these gifts alone.  Each year we need to ensure we cover the remaining costs which include training, insurance, equipment, site maintenance, staffing, kit replenishment, as well as food, electricity and all the other costs which go with providing excellent quality events. We try to keep these fees as low as possible. Please be reassured that we only increase our fees so we can ensure our site, staff and equipment offer you and all our guests an irresistible and unique experience.

Is my child insured whilst at CYE? What is your policy?

If they come with an organised group (school, youth group etc.) then any insurance will be covered by the group prior to booking. If the child attends one of CYE’s calendar events then the Centre has £10m Public Liability policy in force – details of which are available upon request. We strongly advice that parents ensure their children are covered either by their existing household insurance or take out a specific policy to cover their time at the Centre. A policy can be purchased from Access Insurance. Tel: 020 8651 7420

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