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Christmas Assemblies

Each year the CYE team compile an engaging and entertaining assembly based on the Christmas message which is taken out to schools in West Sussex, Surrey & Hampshire in the last two weeks of the Christmas term. These schools are generally those who come to CYE for residentials or who are local to CYE.

“The Christmas message, delivered by passionate young Christians to our children always helps to bring the true message of Christmas to life. There’s always laughter, outrage, enthusiasm… and disappointment when their visit comes to an end!”

If you’d like CYE to come to your school, please contact us,, to see if this is possible. We have also started delivering an Easter assembly too so do ask about this as well.

If you would like CYE to come into an RE lesson or an assembly at another point in the year, please do get in touch and we’ll see what we can do!

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