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CYESC provides a wonderful environment for people of all ages to experience great outdoor activities both on and off the water. In addition it upholds the Christian tradition and seeks to explain the Gospel message in innovative ways. Since 1985 it has not wavered from the original vision and mission to develop all those who visit the centre both mentally, physically and spiritually.

Everyone who has visited the centre has their own memories why it is so special to them. It could be a camp or a training course they have attended or the staff who made such a significant difference to their experience.  May be it was school trip your children came on years ago which they have never forgotten. For many the challenge of the Gospel has made a real impact on their lives and changed them forever. For instance…….

“It was the best weekend ever!!”  

“Your team delivered the course with care and integrity and were a great credit to CYESC.”  

“Thank you for one of the best weeks of my life. I loved every second and miss you all lots.”  

“We wanted to say how much we all enjoyed the fantastic weekend away with you last weekend. the lads and their parents have all been saying how great it was and are looking forward to us coming again already”.

Many have come back as staff members and/or become youth leaders. Others play key roles in various organisations in their local communities. The “CYESC experience” has stood them in good stead for their future lives.

All this is made possible by many people who give of their time and talents to assist the centre staff in delivering quality programmes and events for all to enjoy. As a charity we are also reliant on a faithful group of supporters whose regular donations ensure that CYESC continues to provide a first class service to its visitors.

Whatever memories you hold we want to ensure they continue for everyone who attends the centre both now and in the future. Can you help to make their memories as memorable as yours? If you care for the centre and all it stands for you can!

Will you help us?

CYESC needs to continually develop new and challenging activities in order to attract visitors. With your help we can continue the work that has been so successful for so long.

If you have a passion for the work and wish to make a gift that will make a difference to future generations please consider CYESC when making or updating your will.

Making a will is a vitally important way to make provision for your beneficiaries far into the future be they family, friends or organisations in which you have a particular interest. By including a gift in your will, young lives will continue to be changed and challenged when visiting CYESC.

Of course, you may have already done so in which case please accept our sincere thanks. If you feel able it would be helpful if you could let us know whether you have made a legacy to CYESC. 

Please note that CYESC has signed up to a Legacy Charter which reads as follows:

Christian Youth Enterprises Sailing Centre

Legacy Charter

  1. We will always respect your privacy. We recognize and appreciate that your will is completely personal to you.
  2. Your wishes come first. We know it, we respect it, and we will not change it.
  3. You can tell us that you have left a gift if you want to, and we’d love to hear – but you don’t need to and we won’t keep asking.
  4. If you do choose to tell us, we will give you the choice about how we talk to you in the future about our work.
  5. Because we are committed to offering a challenge to children and young people we always encourage people to leave something to CYESC. However, we recognize that it’s your decision and you need to make it in your own time.
  6. At any time in the future you have the absolute right to change your mind about a gift in your will to CYESC.
  7. If you want your gift to be spent in an area that is special to you we will be happy to discuss this with you.
  8. We will use your gift carefully and cost effectively so it has the greatest impact for those who visit the CYESC centre.
  9. We will handle whatever gift you leave us efficiently and also with care, sensitivity and respect.

What next?

The Frequently Asked Questions section at the end of this page will hopefully answer most of your questions.

If you would like to know more, or require any further help, please contact the centre on 01243-573375 or All conversations and e-mails will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Wills – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Will? 

A Will is a written, legal record of how you wish your property and finances to be handled after your death.

Why should I make a Will?

The absence of a Will, which means you die intestate (without leaving a Will), could mean your wishes after death are in danger of being unfulfilled; the beneficiaries may not be those you would have chosen.

When do I make a Will?

Now is the time to do it. A Will brings peace of mind and reassures you and your family that they will be spared the anxiety and financial worry at a traumatic time.

Who can make a Will?

Anyone over 18 can make a Will provided they are of sound mind.

How do I leave money or gifts in my Will?

There are several ways to do this but three options are outlined below:

  • Pecuniary legacy. This is a fixed amount of money. Some people avoid making this form of bequest because inflation over time gradually reduces the value of the gift and the Will may need regular updating.
  • Specific legacy. Any form of property (e.g. car, musical instruments, jewellery etc) which is not money.
  • Residuary legacy. This is a gift from the residue (remainder after all other specific and pecuniary legacies to family and friends have been made) of your estate.

What is my estate? 

Your estate is the total of everything you own at the time of your death. Your ‘net estate’ is the figure after all your debts and liabilities have been deducted.

How do I begin to write a Will?

There are a few things to consider when drawing up a Will. These are listed below:

  • Other than the simplest Wills it is recommended you seek legal expertise. It is not an expensive exercise and you can shop around to find the best option. We can also help here as we do have contacts with solicitors who can offer advice.
  • Executors will need to be appointed. These could be friends, professional bodies (e.g. Trust Companies linked to banks) or solicitors.
  • Work out the value of your estate by making a list of the things you own (such as house, car and valuables) and savings together with an estimate of their value. This should then be offset against your liabilities (such as mortgages, loans and credit cards).
  • If your estate is substantial then Inheritance Tax (IT) needs to be considered. Gifts can reduce the net estate to maybe below the present IT threshold of £325k (£650k for couples). Further information can be found on the HMRC website.
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